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The TETFORD HERD was established by Charles and Debbie Sutcliffe in 1993 and currently numbers around 85 head of cattle. Over the years we have enjoyed numerous successes in the show ring. We are particularly proud of having bred two Royal Show Male Champions - Tetford Clansman in 1999 and Tetford Kingpin, a son of Clansman, in 2005.
Tetford Clansman (1995-2007) pictured after winning Male Champion at the Royal Show in 1999.
The picture on the right is of Tetford Clansman, taken in 1999 after winning at the Royal Show and the Great Yorkshire Show. He was born in March 1995 and died in July 2007. You will see we have used it on our banner and Meridian Meats' company logo is based on this photograph, so although Clansman is no longer alive we are constantly reminded of him, the influence he had on the herd and what a wonderful character he was.

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We are always pleased to welcome visitors to the farm, but please contact us first to make an appointment to make sure that somebody is here to show you around.

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