about us

View of the Lincolnshire Wolds at Tetford.TETFORD is a small village lying directly on the Meridian Line in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The rolling hills and ancient pastures provide the ideal setting for our pedigree herd of Longhorn cattle and rare breed sheep.

The TETFORD HERD is well known for its many successes in the show ring with a number of Breed Championships to its credit. We are very proud to have bred two Royal Show Male Champions, Tetford Clansman in 1999 and Tetford Kingpin in 2005. All of our current breeding females are home bred, being daughters of either our original stock bull Fishwick Olympic or by our homebred sires Bilbo, Clansman, Indiana, Jedi and Kingpin or more recently Southfield Hero and Linton David. Our current stock bulls are Tetford Jedi, Linton David, and the most recent homebred additions Tetford Quarryman and Tetford Q Guild.

Some of the Tetford Herd grazing on the Lincolnshire Wolds during a fine summer's day.All the cattle we produce are purebred with the best females being selected for herd replacements or for pedigree sale either privately off the farm or at one of the Longhorn Cattle Society sales that take place during the year. The most promising young bulls are registered and are also offered for sale in the same way as the females. 

We have our own butchers shop, Meridian Meats Family Butchers at 108 Eastgate Louth where we are members of the Guild of Q Butchers as well as being Lincolnshire's only Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Accredited Butcher specialising in meat from rare and traditional native breeds. Cattle not considered suitable for pedigree sale are finished as beef for the shop in Louth. Click here for a 360 degree tour of our shop.

In February 2009 Country Life magazine organised a beef tasting session where steaks from 11 native breeds were cooked by the staff at Hix Oyster & Chop House in London and for tasting by a panel of 10 judges. We supplied the Longhorn beef for this contest and were absolutely delighted when our steak was voted "Britain's Best Steak". You can read the article by clicking here.

Whilst not registered Organic, all our animals are totally naturally reared producing safe, healthy meats from native British breeds with a quality and flavour rarely seen these days. Our cattle are all single suckled on their mothers and reared out at grass in the traditional way. They receive supplementary finishing in the form of ad-lib hay, a ration containing rolled oats, rolled barley and sugar beet shreds specially milled for us by a local family owned feed mill. No growth promoters or routine antibiotics are used at any time. We transport all animals ourselves directly from the farm to an abattoir just over twenty miles away in order that any possibility of stress is reduced to the absolute minimum.

A fine display of Longhorn beef from the Tetford Herd.Producing quality beef takes time, great care and traditional skills at every stage from the animal's birth right through to the consumer’s plate. Just as the makers of fine wines will claim that a little something unique and special is why theirs stands above and apart from their competitors we believe we not only have the winning breed but also that little special something which elevates us a trifle higher than the rest.

All the beef and lamb produced on the farm at Tetford is sold exclusively by Meridian Meats. Click here to visit their website and find out about the different ways to buy our award winning Longhorn Beef.